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Meet the Latin American Veterinary Conference (LAVC)

The LAVC joined us as an Affiliate member during WSAVA World Congress. Its founder and President Dr Jorge Guerrero, introduces it to us.

“The LAVC was born out of necessity in 2005. At that time, I was a director of the NAVC and realized that my colleagues from Latin America were finding it difficult to attend following the restriction of visas that came after the September 11 tragedy. We wanted to do something about this so, in October 2005, with the help of the NAVC, we conducted the first LAVC in Lima, Peru.

“Since then, we have not looked back and the LAVC is now a one of the world’s major congresses. This year’s event in April attracted 1,277 delegates from across Latin America. We will hold our 14th congress from April 10-13 2018, offering a RACE approved program in companion animal medicine, covering emergency and critical care, surgery, endoscopy, dermatology, vaccinology and infectious diseases, reproduction, pain control and practice management. We will also include programs in exotic pets and ruminant medicine.

“We are delighted to become part of the WSAVA family as we are convinced that we have much to gain from the professional experience and expertise of WSAVA members and we believe membership will be a significant benefit to our Latin American colleagues. Through the affiliation with WSAVA we hope to have the opportunity to identify trends in our profession and select potential speakers that will strengthen our roster of professors from all regions of the world. It’s great to be with be with you, WSAVA!”

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