Make nutritional assessments a habit in your practice

Our Global Nutrition Toolkit is now available in Spanish and Chinese!

High-quality, balanced nutrition is a vital part of the promotion of pet health and the prevention and treatment of disease. Discussing and assessing a pet’s current nutrition and providing recommendations as to the most appropriate diet is also a great opportunity for clinics to strengthen their bond with owners. Our non-branded Global Nutrition Toolkit contains a range of resources to help the veterinary healthcare team and pet owners ensure that dogs and cats are on an optimal nutrition plan tailored to their individual needs. Resources include:

  • A nutritional assessment checklist

  • A body condition scoring chart

  • A muscle condition scoring chart

  • ‘How to’ videos for performing a feline and canine body condition score

  • A hospitalized patient feeding guide.

The Toolkit is one of most frequently accessed resources on We're delighted to say that it now also available in Spanish and Chinese! 

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