Looking for Guidance on Animal Welfare and Wellness? New WSAVA Global Guidelines Coming Soon!

The WSAVA Animal Wellness and Welfare Committee (AWWC) is developing Global Guidelines to assist veterinarians to provide optimal companion animal welfare.

Animal welfare science is a rapidly developing discipline so we are creating the next in our series of Global Guidelines to meet a growing need for guidance for veterinarians in this area. They will offer recommendations for the veterinary team, offering evidence-based information and support to ensure the health, welfare and safety of the animal, the owner and the veterinary team.

Dr Shane Ryan, Co-Chair of the AWWC, says: “Veterinarians act as the pet’s advocate and we have the responsibility and the opportunity to help owners to care for their pets in a way that optimizes their welfare and quality of life.

“Given the importance of the human-animal bond, our Global Guidelines will give practical advice on all aspects of welfare in the clinical setting, both from a veterinary and an owner perspective.”

Keen to learn more now? View the AWWC’s online training modules

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