Ketamine - The Right Decision from the WHO!

Following the story in the last e-bulletin about concerning proposals to restrict the availability of the drug by rescheduling it, the World Health Organisation's Expert Committee on Drug Dependence (ECDD), has now ruled against this. 

Given the  importance of ketamine to the veterinary profession globally as a drug for anesthesia, we believe this is the right decision and are pleased that the WHO has agreed with us. This decision shows how important it is that the WSAVA acts as a voice for the profession globally and that we join together to lobby on key issues relating to the welfare of animals. The WSAVA Global Pain Council (GPC) submitted a survey of ketamine use to the ECDD for consideration as evidence. It offered tangible validation of the ubiquitous use of ketamine globally by veterinarians. 

Ketamine is the only viable option for anesthesia in many regions of the world so we believe it was important that it was not placed under international control but, while this battle is won, it is likely that the war to reschedule ketamine will continue so we must remain vigilant. The GPC is committed to continue to monitor developments and influence thinking with the welfare of animals at the forefront of our minds.

Read more about the ECDD's decision here: WHO recommends against international control of ketamine 

Read our ketamine fact sheet here:

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