KESCAVA Boosts CE in Kenya!

2016 has been busy for the Kenya Small and Companion Animal Veterinary Association (KESCAVA).  On 19 February it held a one day CE course in Nairobi delivered by Professor Fred Reyers, an independent consultant pathologist to many veterinary diagnostics labs, including IDEXX which sponsored his trip. The title of the session was Veterinary Clinical Pathology:  Application in Today’s Modern Veterinary Clinic.

During his session Professor Reyers reviewed blood cells and their physical and numerical alterations due to disease.  He also covered biochemistry profiles for common conditions afflicting dogs, cats and horses. He illustrated lab results and interpretation from his archive of cases and even analyzed lab results brought to him by delegates.  Discussions were so engrossing that all delegates were still in their seats at 6.30pm.  56 participants attended, most of them KESCAVA members.

Professor Susan Mbugua, Chair of KESCAVA, says:  "The course left us yearning for more so we have embarked on sourcing for funds and speakers for future CE to help our members utilize the lab and the results more efficiently."  

On 11 and 12 March, Professor David Church and Professor Jill Maddison from the Royal Veterinary College, London, presented a WSAVA CE session on internal medicine in Nairobi.  Its emphasis was on the logical approach to common clinical problems in the small animal patient.  Jill and David also held sessions with students and academic staff at the veterinary school discussing consultation and physical examination skills, as well as thinking and learning issues related to clinical teaching.  63 delegates attended and were delighted with the content. 

Susan Mbugua continues:  "We are indebted to WSAVA and its generous sponsors in bringing these speakers to us and enabling us to charge an affordable attendance fee.  We are particularly grateful to the British Small Animal Veterinary Association (BSAVA) for sponsoring the professors' visit to the veterinary school,  as well as the clinicians' meeting."









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