'Join us' message to Central American veterinary associations!

From 9-15 November, we held a CE and WSAVA awareness-raising tour in four Central American countries.  

Hill's, one of our most significant CE sponsors, was the main organizer in El Salvador and Costa Rica while, in Guatemala, teams from Hill's and Bayer both put in many hours to ensure the biggest turnout of the tour.  In the Dominican Republic, the local association, ADOMEVAM, organized the meeting.  Between 40 and 130 participants attended in each country.

Dr Javier Rodriguez, a speaker from Ecuador, gave a full day of lectures about the examination of the circulatory system and the diagnosis of heart disease using simple ultrasound techniques.  Dr Ellen van Nierop, WSAVA Honorary Treasurer, held meetings with national association representatives to explain the benefits of membership and WSAVA  'One Care' participatory exercises were used and enjoyed during the sessions.  The cardiology course received high praise in all countries with professionals and students alike showing great enthusiasm and often choosing to forego planned breaks to learn just a little more. 

We're now working more closely with the associations in these countries and hope to welcome them into the WSAVA family soon.

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