Committee Focus: PR and Communications Committee

The PR and Communications Committee aims to ensure that the WSAVA becomes visible and relevant and that it makes a difference to members, the global veterinary community and to the general public globally.


Mission statement

The Committee was created in April 2012 with the aim of helping the WSAVA present itself engagingly and accurately to its multiple audiences and stakeholders around the world.

Key goals

Effective communication, which demonstrates the value and relevance of work carried out by the WSAVA, is essential to ensure that it can continue to deliver its activities and can achieve its goal of becoming a vibrant, global veterinary community.  

Who should we be communicating with?

  • member associations – and potential member associations
  • individual veterinarians around the world 
  • veterinary stakeholders – eg governmental/regulatory bodies
  • sponsors  - and potential sponsors  - eg animal health companies
  • pet owners and the wider general public around the world


The PR and Communications Committee’s top priority to improve internal communications among members associations to ensure that they:

  • are informed of all WSAVA activities that are relevant and useful for them
  • are aware of our focus areas: for instance, our work in global standard setting and of the issues we are prioritizing and the value they offer to their association and veterinarians
  • are  aware of each others’ activities and are able to exchange information easily and to network with members worldwide
  • can help us create a unified voice for the veterinary profession when talking to stakeholders and the general public


We’re the WSAVA’s newest committee we have no history – but we do have a bright future!

Opportunities and challenges

WSAVA communications has been challenging so far because we are spread around the world, from diverse cultures and with differing levels of access to technology.  Our executive team are volunteers who face many different calls on their time.   But, despite these challenges, we have recognised the vital importance of communication in creating this new Committee, which is made up passionate and vocal WSAVA members around the world.  We are determined to transform our organization’s communications over the next two years and hope our member associations will help us and get involved – we can’t do it without you!

Key activities

Our key project since April has been a complete rebuild of the WSAVA’s website and a redesign of our ‘style guidelines’ including a new logo. These have been huge, complex and time-consuming projects but we hope you like the finished result and will give us your feedback.  You’ll find much more about the WSAVA GLOBAL VETERINARY COMMUNITY website in this issue of the e-bulletin.

We’ve also redesigned the e-bulletin, our bi-monthly electronic newsletter for member associations, and hope you find the content useful and interesting.  We are talking to a range of educational partners with the aim of making  available content to our members which can help improve the standard of care we offer in practice


Priorities for 2012

Our key priority is to generate a sense of ownership and belonging to the WSAVA global veterinary community. A series of activities and channels is being planned to engage us all in this exciting journey together.

For the first few months we’ll be focused on keeping you up to date with what’s happening at World Congress in Auckland.  It promises to be a fantastic event with an impressive line up of global speakers.    

We’re also planning to review our promotional materials and start to consider how we can most effectively start to take our message to the general public at large. For further information on the PR and Communications Committee, contact its Chairman Dr Siraya Chunekamrai at


Dr Siraya Chunekamrai comments:  

“Communication is the key strategy in creating a sense of community.  If we don’t talk and engage, how can we learn about our peers and support each other?



These days, thanks to technology, the capability we have to communicate almost instantly with colleagues almost anywhere in the world, is breaking down physical barriers in a way we can hardly imagine.  We are privileged to benefit from this transformation.  But, communicating globally still presents huge challenges.  Apart from the obvious barriers, such as language and time zones, there are more subtle obstacles, such as our willingness to understand different cultures, attitudes, customs and outlooks and our preparedness to put aside our sense of self and concerns in the interests of building a strong community. 

The point is that the agenda of the world is much more pressing than our own personal agendas.  Now more than ever, it desperately needs a community of veterinarians who understand the value of life and who are willing to work together to create a global voice which can help change the world for the better!“

Meet the PR and Communications Committee members


Other useful contacts

Dr Siraya Chunekamrai
PR and Communications Committee Chairman

Rebecca George
WSAVA PR consultant,

Submit an idea or news story to be considered for the e-bulletin
Please send it  to


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