Committee focus: Leadership and Nomination Committee

The WSAVA Leadership and Nomination Committee assists the Executive Board in identifying potential leaders for our organization and in succession planning 

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Name of Body

WSAVA Leadership and Nomination Committee (LNC)

Mission statement

The aim of the committee is to source, recruit and develop future leaders of WSAVA

Key goals

The LNC The WSAVA Leadership and Nomination Committee assists the Executive Board in:

  • identifying potential leaders for our organization
  • succession planning

A short history

Effective leadership and succession planning are vital for the future for any organization but even more so for us as we are globally focused and are primarily run by volunteers.  Through the work of the LNC we are proactive about attracting potential future leaders and, once we’ve identified them, in providing them with the mentoring, assessment and other support needed to enable them to ultimately perform this role for us.

In addition to this work, we support the Executive Board by identifying and researching potential recipients of our prestigious WSAVA Awards

The LNC was formed following BSAVA WSAVA World Congress in Birmingham, UK, in 2012.  Its members includes Assembly members from all geographical regions and affiliated groups to ensure we offer as  wide a representation as possible

Opportunities and challenges

We see huge opportunities in harnessing the huge talent available within the veterinary profession and directing it towards supporting its future.  The challenge is to maintain progress on an ongoing basis between the many and differing cultural parts of veterinary society

Key activities

We work closely with the Executive Board and WSAVA Committees to understand their priorities; their membership and to plan their likely requirements resource-wise looking ahead to the next five years. 

We also work closely with Assembly Members to ensure they are aware of the potential roles available and to identify those who may be interested in stepping forward.  We provide coaching, mentoring and advice as they make progress towards these roles

Priorities for 2013

The LNC is currently working to determine the skill sets required for each WSAVA committee or leadership role. Once this is completed we will commence the process of identifying potential candidates for these roles.

We have just presented to the Executive Board our recommendations as to the most effective method to mentor Assembly members who have expressed an interest in a leadership role and who possess the required skill set.

We will also soon start commencing our research into suitable candidates for the WSAVA Hill’s Excellence in Veterinary Healthcare award and the WSAVA Service to the Profession Award. These will be presented to the Executive Board in June 2013

Contact details

David Wadsworth (Chair) –



David says:  “I’ve been involved with the WSAVA for twenty years, starting as Assembly Representative for BSAVA and then, eventually, serving a term as President. This new Committee is a much needed and welcome change to the succession structure of WSAVA, enabling representatives from all parts of the organization to take part in the election of future leaders.  It is not, though, the final arbiter. Recommendations only are made to the Board and Assembly and these bodies still make the final decision. 

It’s very exciting to be part of this process and to meet the intelligent and enthusiastic young veterinary surgeons who will be our future.”


Who sits on the Leadership and Nomination Committee?

David Wadsworth                              Chair UK, Europe

Walt Ingwersen                                  Executive Board Representative, Canada, North America

Adriana Lopez                                   Uruguay, South America

Artur Font                                          Spain, Europe, FIAVAC

Debbie Osborne                                 Australia

Louis Liu                                            China, Asia

Johan von Tilburg                              Belgium, Europe, FECAVA

Kathi Brunner                                    Switzerland, Europe, FAFVAC

Kevin Stevens                                   South Africa, Africa

Sheila Torres                                     Affiliated Groups. North America

Simon Yang                                        Taiwan, Asia, FASAVA

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