Renal Standardization Project

The Renal Standardization Project was developed with the vision of improving the diagnosis and, as a consequence, the clinical outcomes of glomerular diseases in dogs.

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Global Nutrition Committee

In 2011, the GNC published a detailed set of Global Nutrition Guidelines to help veterinary healthcare teams around the world to ensure that dogs and cats receive nutrition, which is tailored to their individual needs. These Guidelines are now available in ten languages, have been endorsed by 31 member associations and have been published in 17 journals.

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One Health Committee

The One Health Committee, ‘One Health’ or ‘One Medicine’ proposes the unification of the medical and veterinary professions with the establishment of collaborative ventures in clinical care, surveillance and control of cross-species disease, education, and research into disease pathogenesis, diagnosis, therapy and vaccination.

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Animal Wellness and Welfare Committee

The Animal Wellness & Welfare Committee (AWWC) goal is to make welfare issues an everyday consideration for small animal practitioners and to ensure that WSAVA is a proactive & respected partner within international welfare circles by combining advocacy with mutual respect and consensus-building amongst partners. This important work is proudly supported by WALTHAM®.

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Vaccination Guidelines Group

The WSAVA Vaccination Guidelines Group (VGG) was initially established in 2006 following recognition by the WSAVA Board and Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) of the need for globally applicable recommendations on best-practice for the vaccination of dogs and cats.

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Global Pain Council

Photograph courtesy of NC State University College of Veterinary Medicine

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Hereditary Disease Committee

The Hereditary Disease Committee was formed as a comprehensive resource on hereditary diseases and genetic predispositions. This database represents a culmination of the work of the Committee, and is constantly evolving with advances in the field of veterinary genetics. 

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WSAVA Questionnaires and Surveys

The WSAVA conducts many questionaires and surveys to extract information from all corners of the world. All information gathered is used to improve standards of care and veterinary development in a more meaningful and relevant fashion through the various WSAVA committees and projects.

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Continuing Education Committee

The WSAVA Continuing Education (CE) programme was started over 20 years ago. Initially WSAVA and FECAVA joined forces to provide post graduate education in the emerging countries of Eastern Europe and the Baltic States.

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Scientific Advisory Committee

The WSAVA Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) advises and assists the WSAVA Executive Board in developing links with the academic world involved in research and development in small animal veterinary science. Its aim is to stimulate academic participation under the auspices of the WSAVA and at the same time to promote worldwide access to knowledge resulting from research .

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WSAVA Position Statements

Coming soon - a WSAVA 'Positioning Statement' on veterinary therapeutics

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