WSAVA Questionnaires and Surveys

The WSAVA conducts many questionaires and surveys to extract information from all corners of the world. All information gathered is used to improve standards of care and veterinary development in a more meaningful and relevant fashion through the various WSAVA committees and projects. Please be generous with your time as your input truly makes a difference to our global veterinary community!



The latest survey is:


AWWC Global Animal Welfare Survey

Start date April 21, 2016 end date June 15, 2016


Read more about this important survey  here.

As the survey is designed to collect information from only veterinarians & veterinary students, we are not displaying a public webpage link. Details can be obtained from your veterinary assocation (WSAVA representative) or from the WSAVA office -



Archives of previous surveys:


Global Pain CouncilGlobal pain council survey 

start date April 20, 2013 end date May 31, 2013

Find the survey and results here