WSAVA Awards 

Every year during World Congress, the WSAVA presents its prestigious annual awards which are designed to recognize veterinary excellence and achievement globally.  Our Award winners are an inspiration to our global veterinary community with their work benefitting animals and people right around the world.

WSAVA International Award for Scientific Achievement  

This award is presented to a veterinarian who has made an outstanding contribution to the cause, detection, cure and/or control of disorders of companion animals, leading to a significant advancement in knowledge.

WSAVA Global One Health Award 

This award recognizes exemplary service by an individual in promoting the global One Health concept, particularly in relation to the importance of small companion animals.  Recipients are selected on the basis of either: 

Service to local, state, national and international One Health organizations, resulting in scientific meetings and the exchange of information and international goodwill to the benefit of the medical and veterinary professions worldwide 

A significant track record of active research that highlights the role of small companion animals in One Health (ie in zoonotic infectious disease, comparative or translational medicine or the human-companion animal bond).

WSAVA Global Meritorious Service Award 

The Award is made to a veterinarian who has contributed meritorious service to the veterinary profession in the broadest sense, as a general practitioner, an academic veterinary surgeon or a veterinarians working in management or for a company.   The award is international in scope but judges consider strongly candidates from the WSAVA region where World Congress is taking place that year when selecting the winner.

WSAVA President's Award 

This Award is an occasional award and with recipients selected by the current WSAVA President.  It is presented to a member of the WSAVA in recognition of the recipient’s outstanding contribution to the association. 

WSAVA Hill's Excellence in Veterinary Healthcare Award 

This joint award is presented to a veterinarian who has played an outstanding role in promoting companion animal healthcare and the family pet/veterinary bond through showing a special sensitivity to both clients and patients, using leading edge clinical nutrition and advanced medical and surgery techniques.

 WSAVA Hill's Next Generation Award  

This joint award acknowledges the work of a veterinarian who has graduated within the last ten years and who has contributed significantly to the betterment of companion animals, the veterinary profession and society at large.  The winner will be active in continuing education, have a strong record in community service and will be working to bridge the gap between their generation and the others.

The WSAVA The Henry Schein Cares International Veterinary Community Service Award 

This joint award recognizes veterinarians who have exhibited exceptional acts of valour and commitment in the face of adversity to service the community. The contribution can be specific to the veterinary community or beyond.

 For more information on nominating candidates for a WSAVA Award or judging, please contact