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Therapeutics Guidelines Group

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Veterinarians throughout the world rely on various nutritional, chemical (e.g., disinfectants), pharmaceutical, and biological products to allow them to effectively prevent, diagnose, and treat the various illnesses that afflict companion animals. While varying in incidence, these conditions are global in scope and benefit from a common approach to their diagnosis and management. The WSAVA has as one of its core goals developing guidelines promoting standards of care that often encompass appropriate use of nutritional, chemical, pharmaceutical, and biological products. However, there are contemporary and evolving issues common to these products that would benefit from a focus on their appropriate stewardship. Currently, the two most common issues are antimicrobial resistance and product accessibility, however there are emerging issues (e.g., compounding, black market access, etc) that would benefit from a collaborative and global approach to their understanding and guidance formulation. The primary remit of the TGG is to monitor and address these issues as they become relevant to the global companion animal community, and to provide guidance as to a collaborate approach to address these through continuing education,  minimum standards, and stakeholder engagement, based on an evidence-based medicine approach.

The Therapeutics Guideline Group is being launched soon. Be sure to check back regularly for further updates and Committee Resources.